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Reading the Signs of the Times

“In the fullness of time” – These are the words that St. Paul employs in his letter to the Galatians to refer to the birth of Jesus in...

Does God Exist?

For many of us, Catholics, this question may not be very important because the existence of God is something we take for granted. Having...

Life of St Dominic

Dominic was born to the well-to-do Guzmán family in the town of Caleruega in northern Spain. As a young man, he studied the liberal arts...

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Laudare Benedicere Praedicare

Hello! We are Dominicans - a religious order in the Catholic Church dedicated to the contemplation of Truth (Veritas). We are here to share with you the fruits of our contemplation.

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"I want you to know that in this kind of warfare the battering ram has always been the Rosary"   

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